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63-92 Days 46-62 Days 31-45 Days 16-30 Days 8-15 Days 1-7 Days Ages

10.000 Euro
155$ 130$ 110$ 65$55$26$0-12
310 $ 280 $ 25 $ 125 $ 105 $55 $13-65
470 $ 390 $ 325 $ 185 $155 $77 $66-70
620$ 520$ 435$ 250$210$105$71-80
1235$ 1030$ 865$ 495$415$210$81-...
Pay for hospitalization and medical treatment
-Transport to the nearest medical center as a result of accident or illness, the necessary arrangements to transfer insured person to more advanced medical center, in emergency case using the air ambulance and helped the insured return to the country of origin
-Pay for Emergency dental costs
- Restoring the body of the deceased insured person to his country of origin in case of death abroad
- Return of the member of the immediate family to the country of residence in case of hospitalization of the insured more than 10 days
- Legal Consultancy and pay claims costs of insured that under the related Civil law of country be prosecuted.
- Advise and assist the insured in case of theft or loss of his travel documents.
- pay for the return of insured Children under 15 years to their country of origin with a supporter in a case of death or hospitalization of the insured person.
- pay unexpected return costs of insured person due to serious medical problems or death of relatives if they cannot use the original ticket to return.
- The cost of compensation for loss of property or loss of luggage
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