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niasar village


After breakfast we will go to the green village of Niasar, located at the center of a desert region, has a beautiful scene and after 40 minutes we will get to village.
A building with a dome over a rock at the highest point of Niasar village can be seen from distance. This is the same penthouse that has remained intact since the time of Sassanid dynasty.
The road to Niasar is divided into two ways beside the orchards of Niasar. The left route leads to the village and the right one built for access to the stone mine goes past the fire temple. This stretch of road has become rugged and bumpy as a result of the transport of heavy duty mining equipment to the region. Villagers call the upper part of Niasar "Talab" and the lower part "Darab". The fire temple overlooks Talar. We will visit fire temple.
A few meter down the fire temple, a spring of cool and clear waters flows through the Talar mosque and goes on to the village. It is surprising that running waters exit beside many other fire temples. Some of them bear signs of worshiping Anahita, the goddess of cultivation and fertility. Then we will visit process of making rose water.
We will visit the Niasar cave (called Reis Cave by locals) is thoroughly man-made, except for one or two natural chambers near the entrance openings. The cave is believed to be a Mitra temple (Mitra was ancient Persian religion).

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