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Tabas Canyon

Tabas Canyon Tour
Tehran-kashan-Isfahan- Khur and Biabanak- Mesr village- Tabas
Day 1th
After arrival to Tehran we will check in hotel , rest at Hotel , will visit Golestan palace ,national museum , Grand bazaar. O/N Tehran
Day 2nd
We will take bus from Tehran to kashan, after arrival we will go to hotel and visit traditional houses such as Tabatabayi house and fin garden .O/N kashan
Day 3rd
We will take a sedan for one day full tour to visit Abyaneh red village and after visiting will continue the way to Isfahan, visit 33 bridge and walk around the river. O/N Isfahan
Day 4th
We will have a free walking tour in Isfahan such as Naghshe Jahan square , Chehel sotun palace , Imam mosque ,Bazaar then rest at Azadegan tea house .O/N Isfahan
Day 5th
We will take a sedan to Nain and after having lunch will drive to Khur and Biabanak. O/N Khur and Biabanak
Day 6 th
We will have optional tour to have adventurous experiences in Mesr Desert in Khor that is also known for its amazing bamboo fields and unique sand hills, salt lake, Safari, and visit sand dunes horseback riding, camel riding, off-roading, hiking and quad biking. O/N Mesr village
Day 7th
We will take bus to Tabas and after arrival will rest. O/N Tabas
Day 8th
We will have a tour to visit Canyon of Jinns (Kaljenni), And the 1500-year-old temple of Mitra - then we head to the village of Azmighan- we visit the palm trees of Fosha village - spend the lunch - then visit Golshan's historic gardens - to Return home - We spend dinner and stay at eco-lodge. O/N Tabas

Day 9th

After breakfast - we head to the village of Kharv, Esmaeilieh castle, Shah Abbasi Arc - after visiting the attractions mentioned above, return to Tabas - we spend lunch - move towards the historical village of Esfahak We visit the historic texture and vegetable fields and its palm trees - we go back to the residence for dinner and stay there. O/N Tabas

Day 10
We will take bus to Tehran , transfer you to IKA.

Price for each pax: 800 USD
Including services:
Accommodation at eco-lodges
Transfer : Bus ticket from Tehran to kashan-driver guide from kashan to Isfahan- driver guide from Isfahan to khur- Mesr half day tour- Bus ticket from Mesr village to Tabas -2 Half day tours in Tabas with local guide
Domestic Flight : from Tabas to Tehran
Entrance fees as Itinerary
Excluding services
Visa fees

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