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Our working team that is consist of tour operators ,professional guides ,reservation of hotels and tickets and transfer can make your travelling more comfortable, with saving your time and energy to just having excursion around the Iran country , our specific goal is to help Iranian people be more in contact with other countries as a village and we have a team want to introduce handicrafts of people in each part of Iran we have different kind of hospital people such as Turk-lor-kurd that are from north –east –west –south of Iran The most important point Is that you can learn how to cook their traditional food, the way of their living, can see the great historical monuments around you.
We will give you itinerary or plan to have a chance to visit more places, most important places during your trip Iran is the cradle of art and culture with really open armed people that you cannot have the same experience in other countries except Iran We have local guides in each part of Iran that can help you to visit Iran better Our special groups that work in kashan and Tehran try to help you to have a good entrance and departure from IKA We have hostel in Tehran and kashan, other cities to help you for accommodation We can do your visa request to get your visa reference code more easily because we are working with a travel agency We run any kind of tours such as cultural-nomadic-eco-nature-village-food-desert -adventure-mountain tours

persian2rism team

neda ghafari :

I had studied English literature at university and take courses about guiding tourists and historical monuments and civilization of Iran, for 5 years I’m working in travel agency from beginning my job is about organizing and planning the best itinerary and traveling plan to give my passengers have a memorable and well-designed trip to Iran and I have Experience in desert and nature and historical places around Iran I can give them accommodation place, tour guide and list of any places they want to visit and by knowing their goal to traveling Iran I can help them to achieve their goal I’m a tour operator and tour guide that can help you in any case, my goal is to help you even for studying about culture, art, architecture and history of Iran We have so many passengers from all over the world that fall in love with the people and culture of Iran The philosophy of the poems who are famous between noble people and physician and artists and their thoughts I’m good at cooking and want to teach traveler to cook Iranian delicious food

phone num : +989355640970
Email : persian2rism.commercial@hotmail.com

mohsen moini :

I had studied management and have hostel in kashan and takes courses about guiding and I have Experience in desert and nature and historical places around Iran, my goal is to help local people to Expand their handicrafts and carpet of kashan and other cities, I want to have a link between other Hostels in Iran to help them have a comfortable accommodation

Phone Num :+989354443620
Email : Kashanhostel10@gmail.com

negin ghafari :

I had studied tourism management in university and take courses in managing a travel agency and guiding Travelers, and I have Experience in desert and nature and historical places around Iran I have studied designing clothes and know about traditional clothes of Iranian form old times And its changes during history and their handicrafts I want to accompany you to show you the places and explain you the history and events that happen in Each city and its monuments, my job is to help you to save your time with getting too much information About places you visit with pre planned itinerary

Phone Num :+989199351135
Email : Ghafarinegin@yahoo.com

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